Initial Setup

Initial Setup

Initial Setup

To start using the NX1 app, sign in with your email address to connect an AWS Account to Management. Follow the instructions to do the initial setup.

You need an account to log in to NX1. If you don’t have an account yet, you need an invite to register. Please request one from your delivery partner, or email:

Log in to NX1

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email account
  3. Enter your password
  4. Select Remember me if you are on a safe workstation and want to save your information for future log ins
  5. Click on Log in

Register to NX1

  1. Follow the link from your email invite
  2. Enter your name
  3. Enter a valid email address
  4. Enter password
  5. Confirm your password
  6. Click on Register

Connecting your AWS Management Account

As you log in to NX1, a message will ask you to set up your NX1 Account, seen below:


Go to Management to start the Initial Setup.


You will need:

Connecting the Management Account

The first step to configuring your AWS Management (Master) Account to NX1 is to connect your AWS Account.


  1. Log in to AWS on another browser tab
  2. Click Run Template to open CloudFormation on your AWS Management Account and click Create Stack.
  3. Enter the Account ID for your Management AWS Account
  4. Click Check Connection

Wait a few moments until you see “Connection OK” and the Next button enabled. Click to proceed.

If you get an error, please check: - Is the Account ID number correct? - Did you deploy the CloudFormation template to the same AWS account as the ID? - Did the CloudFormation template finish deploying, successfully?

Setting up the Management Account

For the second stage of the Initial Setup, we need to collect information to deploy the initial baseline services to your Management, Audit and Log Archive accounts.

Complete the setup by entering the information below.

  1. Enter Default Email For Alerts, this email will be used to send alerts from security services like Cloudtrail and GuardDuty. Can be changed later
  2. Enter AWS Account ID For Audit
  3. Enter AWS Account ID For Log Archive
  4. Choose a primary AWS Region. You can only choose one primary region but multiple secondary regions. Changing the primary region may cause disruption, so choose carefully.
  5. Click Save

After saving, the Organization Status page will show your accounts and deployment statuses:


Regions (primary and secondary ones) will have separate statuses as NX1 deploys a baseline stack on each one. This baseline stack can be redeployed by clicking the ‘Redeploy’ option on the options menu on the right side of the status bar.

You can reconfigure your account by clicking on the option ‘Reconfigure’, next to the Management Account Connected status. Be aware that reconfiguring the account can have unintended consequences because new baseline stacks will be deployed in the new primary region and Audit/Log Archive accounts. Please contact support if this change needs to be done so that we can guide you through it.