What is a Domain?

Domains are Route53 Hosted Zones to be used with your NX1 Environment.

Creating a Domain

Let's now configure a domain in your environment so that later we can create records pointing to your applications hosted in your NX1 environment.

  1. Sign in to NX1 and navigate to the Environment section
  2. If you do not have an Environment created, click on Create an environment
  3. Follow the instructions at
  4. On the Environment page, on the left side, select the Domains menu
  5. To create a new domain, click the New Domain button
  6. Fill out the fields as directed below:
    1. Enter the Domain Name. For help choosing a domain name, see below.
    2. Click Create

Choosing a domain name

Given the following example:

The company is called PiedPiper with the main domain

They have a website and a web application with the following domain names:

  • Website: and
  • Web App:

They also have 3 environments for their web app:

  • Development:
  • Staging:
  • Production:

The recommended NX1 setup will be:

Domain (Hosted Zone)
Production Or if the website is hosted outside AWS: