Notification History

Notification History

Notification History

The Notification History feature on NX1 allows users to see all of their previous notifications in one place. Notifications are shown in chronological order. After logging in, you can access this feature by clicking the notification button in the top right corner of the website.

Access the Notification History

Log in to NX1.

Click on the notification button located on the top right.

The Notification History page will open, displaying all the notifications. (click here)

Notification Types

The notifications are identified with three different types, such as:

  • Green check: when resource was enabled successfully;
  • Red ‘x’: when deployment failed;
  • Orange up-and-down arrows: Deployment in process;
  • Green spot on the top right corner of each notification means new notification.

Understanding a notification

  • Title: It can be a state or resource name.
  • Detail: Explains what happened during the execution.
  • User: The user who started the execution.
  • Executed from: Identifies where the process was executed (Management account or an Environment, etc).